Centexbel, Textile Competence Centre

Centexbel, the Belgian Textile Research Centre, was founded in 1950 at the initiative of Fedustria, the Belgian professional organisation of the textile, wood and furniture industry to reinforce the competitive position of the Belgian textile companies.
To fulfil this mission, Centexbel offers an extensive range of activities and services to the textile industry, including testing, certification, consultancy and Research & Development while guaranteeing:

  • independent and objective advice
  • the expertise of 150 highly educated collaborators
  • transsectorial and international networking
  • focus on sustainable development
  • practice-oriented support
  • partnership
  • an open approach



On April 1st 2014 the merger between Centexbel and VKC came into force. Centexbel and VKC have already been working together for years in several fields, such as sustainable material management and recycling, bio-based polymers and fibre-reinforced composites. This collaboration has resulted in a vast offer of complementary expertise that proved beneficial to both the textile and plastic processing industries.

VKC-Centexbel website

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October 2014

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Dip-coated cupper filament - click on the image and see the spectacular effect when a wrong formulation has been used!

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