2D and 3D weaving-loom

In the framework of the EFRD project Macobio (Biosourced Composite materials - Low Carbon Footprint), Centexbel has purchased an exceptional machine.

machine aà tisser (5 sur 1)_0.png


In respons to the demand of biobased textile reinforcements (flax fibres), Centexbel has expanded the Textile Platform in Grâce-Hollogne with a mutliple weft weaving loom. This loom with a maximum width of 500 mm allows us to weave 2D as well as 3D structures.


  • Working width: max 500 mm
  • Double weft insertion system – Possibility to mount 4 insertion clamps
  • Dobby system with shed opening to 300 mm
  • 8 frames, extendable to 24
  • Equiped with a parallel reed motion
  • Yarn feed by either a set of two beams or through a bobbin creel with 500 postions