BIOMEDIV - Medical devices

Medical devices are developed to maintain the integrity and comfort of people with serious functional deficiencies or of badly injured or heavily burnt people. Some devices aim to support the body and are able to replace deficient organs. They include implants, ortheses, classic or smart protheses, tissue reconstruction, care products, invasive protheses, sensors, passive or active stimulators... but also less sophisticated products such as bandages and compresses... are called medical devices. These medical devices are used in applications related to health and well-being. They don't include medicins.

The market of medical devices has a very high added value and is therefore very interesting to many companies from the Walloon Region of Belgium. The number of players is still growing.
These "medical devices" are generally high-tech products needing a scientific support combining different fields such as life sciences, health, hygiene, but also electronics, optics, informatics, new materials... with for example a growing interest in biomaterials mainly because of their biocompatability. This class of materials also includes bioresorbable materials and functionalised polymers. One can also modify the functions and biocompatibility opening as such a great variety of products and applications. Although this is a great opportunity for innovating companies, it also may slow down product development because of the immense range of possible combinations to choose from. Centexbel's new Technological consultancy service may prove itself very useful and beneficiary to face this situation.


regionwallonne__0.jpgThe technological needs of the industry are the result of the fact that the production of medical devices needs to take place under very strict conditions to meet requirements concerning quality, hygiene, cleanliness, etc. (cleanroom, quality products "medical grade").
Moreover, the finished product must comply with a legislation requiring a series of specific tests (standard ISO 10993) according to the application: Centexbel's new technological consultancy service, BIOMEDIV, is designed to assist companies in developing, innovating, an to consult and give direction to the sector of medical devices and biomaterials.