Burning behaviour

Centexbel analyses the burning behaviour of textiles, the smoke propagation and the toxic composition of liberated smoke

When textiles are applied in (public) buildings and means of transport as curtains, upholstery, floor and wall covering, or when they are used as sunblind..., very strict standards apply in respect of their burning behaviour. Several disasters in the recent past have made these standards even more severe.


Centexbel's fire laboratory is completely equipped to analyse the burning behaviour of textiles and to issue the necessary certificates.

In conformity with the applying national and international standards and regulations, Centexbel is carrying out tests valid in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Europe, the United States...

In answer to the increasingly severe legislation, we are constantly investing in new test methods and equipment, such as:

  • Flexiburn : Burning behaviour of curtains according to EN 13772 - vertical flame spread
  • Cone Calorimeter : determination of heat release of a material or product when exposed to a controlled level of radiation heat