Extrusion platform

Novel multifunctional textile yarns

In support of research projects and services in the field of yarn extrusion, CENTEXBEL-VKC has set up an extensive extrusion platform. A combination of laboratory and pilot-line equipment allows us to convert polymers into any type of textile yarns: yarns, monofilaments, tapes and bicomponent yarns.

Tape and Monofilament line: installation and scheme


The CENTEXBEL extrusion platform includes:

  • a semi-industrial pilot line for the extrusion of BCF/FDY/POY (mono or di-ply)
  • a semi-industrial bicomponent CF pilot line. This line is equipped with side/side as well as core/shell spin packs
  • a semi-industrial tape and monofilament line
  • an extrusion line (Plasticizer) on a laboratory scale for the extrusion of yarns, tapes and films, serving as a first exploration of new types of raw materials
  • a flexible twin screw compounder for the production of masterbatches or compounds