Floor and wall covering

CE-marking of floor and wall covering

In order to guarantee the free trade of construction products, the European Commission has issued the Construction products Regulation (305/2011/EEC).

Centexbel is a notified body #0493 to perform emission tests in accordance with CEN/TS 16516 (Construction products - Evaluation of the release of hazardous substances - Determination of emissions to indoor air) and to determine the burning behaviour in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2 and EN ISO 9239-1, in the framework of the European Regulation on Contruction Products 305/2011.

Field of application (Dutch-French)

Wall coverings and wall-to-wall carpeting, laminate and resilient floor coverings are considered materials intended for construction and have to comply with the fundamental regulations during an economically relevant lifetime and provided regular maintenance is carried out. These fundamental regulations are subdivided into the following six aspects:

  • mechanical strength and stability
  • fire safety
  • hygiene, health and environment
  • safety of use
  • sound nuisance
  • energy savings and heat retention

Centexbel INFOsheet on CE marking of floorcovering
Centexbel INFOsheet on CE marking of wallcovering

How these essential requirements have to be met is left to experts who translate them into specific parameters such as ignitability, flame propagation, smoke propagation in the case of fire safety. These parameters then have to be measured, implying test methods and related classifications.
A material complying with the mandatory classifications will thus also comply with the essential requirements of the directive.

CEN/TC134 has developed the harmonised standard EN 14041 for carpets, laminate and the so-called resilient floor coverings such as vinyl, rubber and linoleum.

CEN/TC99 has developed the harmonised standard EN 15102 for wall coverings (roll and panel form products)