FISCH: chimie durable

What is FISCH?


FISCH (short for "Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry") is a new platform for sustainable chemistry and is recognized by the Flemish Government as a pole of competence for the chemical industry.
FISCH wishes to reinforce and accelerate the marketing of innovations in the field of sustainable chemistry to speed up the necessary transition process to sustainable chemistry in Flanders. Therefore, FISCH enables and encourages small and medium sized and large enterprises, associations, centres of expertise, service providers, governments and investment companies to collaborate in an open and dynamic way.
FISCH desires to create sustainable changes in the value chains:

  • In the field of raw materials there is an urgent need of alternatives for fossil fuels and an efficient use of minerals.
  • In the field of production processes, there is a need of safer, better controlled and more environment and energy friendly processes.
  • In the field of products, waste must be avoided. The focus must be on the production of sustainable instead of single-use articles and/or on the recycling of EOL (end-of-life) products.

Polymer cycles

The Flemish chemical industry is looking for alternatives for fossil raw materials. In addition we insist on a maximum reuse and recycling. With this programme we specifically look to recycle polymers.
In many Flemish industries, such as textiles, construction, automotive and packaging, plastics and polymers are one of the main raw materials . In view of the expected Eureopean and Belgian directives for a mandatory recycling and reprocessing of polymer containing products, these industries want to be prepared and invest in new technologies for a most efficient polymer recycling including their upgrading by means of an appropriate post-treatment.
By looking to the recycling of existing products as well as by thinking of the development of new polymers that are easy to recycle as a principle of sustainable material design, the industry will be able to create a sustainable future.

Innovation programme “Polycycle”

FISCH has proposed a number of innovation programmes. One of them is called POLYCYCLE.
Polycyle is a research project on the recycling and reuse of polymers for synthetic yarns.
Each FISCH innovation programme drafts a roadmap containing market data, technological bottlenecks, foreign projects on polymer recycling.
In the framework of Polycycle, a first research project, called “ALFIBOND” has been introduced on the development of a new material, i.e. Air Laid Fiber Bonded foam, from the waste stream of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.