Centexbel researcher on field trip to Burkina Faso

Testing Novel Shelter Solutions in the Sangnioniogo Refugee Camp in Burkina Faso

From November 1 to 10, the European project S(P)EEDKITS will test novel shelter solutions in the Sagnioniogo refugee camp in Burkina Faso. Researchers of Centexbel (BE), VUB - University of Brussels (BE) and POLIMI- Politecnico di Milano (IT) will evaluate different tent materials and shade nets under guidance of the Shelter Research Unit of the Red Cross - Red Crescent. The need to do so is urgent: the refugees in the camp do not use the previously distributed standard family tents because the climate inside them is intolerable. This shows how the on-going developments within the FP7 project S(P)EEDKITS already help to improve the lives of people in refugee camps.

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