MBO recognition for VOC emission testing

Last week, DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) recognized Centexbel as a competent test laboratory according to Section 18 of the MBO ('Model Building Code' in Germany) for the evaluation of volatile organic compound emissions in the areas of "Floor coverings for interior use" and "Underlays for interior use".

In Germany, it is necessary to have a "national technical approval", the so-called allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung for construction products for interior use, within the scope of CE marking, for reasons of health protection.

The same approval is also required for adhesives for parquets and surface coverings.

On 01-01-2012, the approval was extended to underlays for floor coverings according to EN 14342 (wood flooring) and for underlays, adhesives and surface coverings for floor coverings according to EN 14041.

Conditions for approval:

The product has to pass a two-stage method of assessment according to the "Principles for the health evaluation of construction products in interiors" including:

  • a formulation assessment and evaluation
  • emission tests according to the AgBB scheme

More information: Jo Wynendaele