Updated classification of trademarks

The Nice Classification administered by WIPO in 1957, is a system for the classification of goods and services for the purposes of registering trademarks. It was established by a multilateral treaty called the Nice Agreement Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks.

Many countries have adopted the Nice Classification for the purpose of classifying Goods and Services for trademark registration.

The Nice Classification comprises the Class Headings, Explanatory Notes and an Alphabetical List of Goods and Services. The Class Headings describe in very broad terms the nature of the goods or services contained in each of the 34 classes of goods and 11 classes of services. Each class has Explanatory Notes which describe the type of product or service included, and in some cases not included in a class. The Alphabetical List sets out specific items of goods and a range of services in alphabetical order, in each case showing the appropriate class.

The list is accessible at :

A list of Goods and Services consisting exclusively of descriptions found in the Nice classification will be accepted as correctly classified provided that they have been used in the class indicated by the database.

As of 1 January 2012, OHIM will apply the 10 th edition of the Nice Classification, though applications filed before that date will not be reclassified, even if requested by the applicant. Nor will applications filed before this date be reclassified at the time of renewal.

The Office’s databases and publications of CTM applications in the Bulletin will be adapted accordingly and will reflect the 10 th edition as of 1 January for marks filed as of that date.