GuT - eco-friendly floor covering

Label for ecologically produced carpets without harmful substances

gut labelCentexbel is recognised by GuT as an independent testing institute to grant eco labels to carpets.

The GUT-certificate guarantees environment-friendly products and consumer protection against harmful substances. Therefore the production installations as well as the carpets themselves are regularly monitored by independent testing institutes. Complying with the GUT criteria is guaranteed by extended product testing in three domains:

  • absence of harmful substances such as pentachlorophenol, formaldehyde, vulcanisation accelerator ZDEC, certain pesticides, ...
  • the emission of VOC (volatile organic components) is tested according to the living room method.
  • only a limited odour of novelty may be detected during odour tests

The GuT licence number: a major guarantee

Products carrying a GUT label are yearly submitted to monitoring tests, carried out as well at the producers as in shops.
The GUT label is a persuasive argument for the consumer. Every year, hundreds of carpet types are checked by GUT. Only those products that meet the GUT standards obtain the GUT licence number. This licence number, which appears on the back of the carpet, indicates that it has been tested by a certified testing institute.

The licence number guarantees:

  • Environmental-friendly production
  • The absence of any contaminants
  • Minimal emissions and odours in new carpet
  • Recycling of scrapped carpet and production waste