In-door air quality

Assessment of the in-door air quality

The increased concern with health leads to a growing attention to the assessment of indoor air quality and chemical compound emissions from materials used in buildings and home decoration (mainly from oor covering and upholstery).

In this respect, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde are measured on a regular basis.

Centexbel performs tests according to the following standards:

  • ISO 16000-3 - 16000-6 & 16000-9
  • ISO 16017-1
  • prEN 13419-1 till 3
  • VDA-275

Centexbel is an ISO 17025 recognized laboratory to perform emission measurements and is also accredited by GuT and Oeko-Tex for these tests and to issue the corresponding certificates.

Centexbel disposes of 12 fully-equipped test chambers in which compounds are released from the test material. The emitted compounds are collected on an adsorbens and analysed by GC-MS.

Markes µ-chamber


  • simultaneous measurement of surface and bulk emissions of six samples
  • quick analysis of e.g. formaldehyde and other carbonyls
  • the analytic thermal desoprtion process is treated off-line allowing to place a new set of samples while the previous set is being analysed

Remarks for the handling of samples

The specimens have to be sealed airtight immediately after production and submitted to a controlled conditioning in situ.
For a fast screening, thermal extraction is performed to obtain qualitative results. If necessary, the emission measurements will be accompanied by odour measurements, (e.g. according to VDA-270) to evaluate the sensory properties.