New cigarette reference for flammability test

Newly Developed Cigarette to Test the Flammability of Mattresses and Mattress Pads

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has proposed to amend the flammability for mattresses and mattress pads to replace the Standard Reference Material (SRM) for the Ignition Source.

A new surrogate cigarette has been developed to duplicate the highest ignition strength cigarette as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, 16 CFR 1632. This change will be a revision to the Technical Specification of the Ignition Source, STANDARD FOR THE FLAMMABILITY OF MATTRESSES AND MATTRESS PADS (FF 4-72, AMENDED).

The development and acceptance of this new “standard reference cigarette” for use in testing is a significant change from the previous Pall Mall cigarette, which is no longer being produced.

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