BOIP adopts English as third language

From 1 October 2013 any business with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) can be conducted in English. BOIP is adopting English as a third working language in addition to Dutch and French. Our clients and our partners will therefore in the future be able not only to correspond with us in English, but also to register trade marks and designs, file an opposition and conduct all other official business in English.

BOIP is committed to offering its users a client-friendly, timely and reliable service. With our high-quality service, we were awarded the title of best trade mark office in the world by a leading international IP magazine[1]. We are making every effort to live up to this title by making additional improvements to our services. We have therefore been hard at work getting English implemented as the third working language at BOIP and this will become a reality on 1 October 2013.

English as third working language

In addition to the two existing official languages, Dutch and French, English will be added as a third language from 1 October. The procedure has been set up in such a way that henceforth all business with BOIP may be conducted in English, though in procedures in which different parties are involved (oppositions) no one will actually be forced to use English. BOIP can, on request and on payment of the appropriate fee, provide a translation of any trade mark or design registration, which were filed in English. Needless to say, the language rules of the concerned jurisdiction in question shall apply to any legal procedure that may arise.

Online trade mark registration renewal

In addition to the adoption of English as the third language, 1 October will see a number of other changes. Here at BOIP we have been working for years on increasing the amount of digitalization in our services. The next service to become completely digitalized will be the process for the renewal of trade mark registration. From 1 October 2013 this can be done entirely digitally. Trade mark registration can then be extended for ten years immediately on receipt of online payment, thus simplifying and speeding up this procedure considerably.

Other changes

As well as the changes mentioned above, there are a number of other legal changes that will be implemented on 1 October. The opposition period will from that moment be calculated from the date of publication of the application, the term for suspension of oppositions at joint request will be changed to four months and a legal basis for our i-DEPOT will come into effect.
We further expect to have an electronic tool available for international applications and design applications before the end of this year.

Source : BOIP