Centexbel installs composite press

Since several years, Centexbel performs a growing number of research projects on thermoplastic composites. Thermoplastic composites are composed of textiles and plastics. The textile materials reinforce the plastic matrix in which they are embedded.

This composite material is pressed into a plate which will then receive its definite shape.
In collaboration with private companies, Centexbel develops several innovating composite end products. Together with Sirris we continue to extend our knowledge on thermoplastic composites. Also in collaboration with Sirris and with ITA (Germany) we are also performing research on biocomposites.

Centexbel combines its experience in plastic processing with its vast textile expertise. In order to pursue our research activities in composite materials, we have purchased a composite press. This press is in fact a rather simple machine that heats up layers composed of fabrics and plastics and presses them together into boards (half product in the composite production process). We assess the quality of these boards by testing their porosity and mechanical properties, such as strength and stiffness.

More information: Mathieu Urbanus (mu [at] centexbel [dot] be)