Impact RIP cigarettes on burning behaviour tests

Paris, 1 December 2011

Self-extinguishing cigarettes do not simplify testing!

Although we acclaim all measures enhancing people's safety and actually saving lives, the new legislation has some rather unexpected consequences in the field of testing and standardisation! The CEN/TC207 WG9 meeting in Paris looked into the matter and came up with a solution!

EN 1021-1 Furniture cigarette test

Because of the new European legislation on RIP or Reduced Ignition Propensity cigarettes, it becomes almost impossible to find cigarettes that comply with the requirements of the test standard.
During the meetings, different possibilities have been proposed to ensure a sufficient stock of 'forbidden' cigarettes enabling us to carry on with the tests.

Alas, most proposals did not guarantee the availability of cigarettes, and the question for an alternative method was raised, which also includes an adaptation of the standard. Before this adaptation becomes a reality, years will have past, and not a single cigarette will be available.


It has been proposed to look for an alternative method on the basis of RIP cigarettes or, how to make it possible that a RIP cigarette keeps burning all the way through. This solution has the benefit that all existing cigarette tests for furniture, mattresses and bedding articles may be preserved as they are. Also, the existing regulations in a number of countries (such as the UK and France) could remain without becoming more or less severe.


The UK and France will search a RIP cigarette supplier and at least 6 countries, among which Belgium (Centexbel) will look for a way to "treat" these cigarettes to make them burn all the way through.

EN 1021-2 - flame test for furniture (revision)

The standard remains largely unchanged, but the measurement of the gas flow will be adapted.
An adaptation of EN 1021-2 may have an impact on EN 597-2 and EN 12952-2.
It might occur that it will be decided to revise EN 597-2 more profoundly in order to get it in line with EN 1021-2. This decision has to be made by TC 207.

More information: Pros Van Hoeyland (pvh [at] centexbel [dot] be)