MANGO is “Made in Green”

mango01.jpgMANGO is the first big international clothing brand with seats in the five continents to obtain the “made in green” certificate for all its articles.

Made in Green (created in 2005) is the most severe certification in the field of health, ecology and social conduct that guarantees to the end-user that the certified articles don't contain any chemical components that may harm his/her health, and that they have been manufactured with respect of the environment and the human rights of the workers. Being a sustainability label focussing on health, environment and social equity, the made in green label visualises this triple guarantee on behalf of the end-user.

After the certification, Mango made a further move in this field. The chemical components of all textile articles and accessories have been verified in laboratories and their suppliers have been certified by Auren consultancy, on the basis of the Code of Social Conduct of the MANGO Group.

At present, a lot of companies with made in green certified products are active in Europe. Next to Centexbel in Belgium, the technological textile centres, Aitex in Spain and Shirly-BTTG in the UK are accredited to certify according to the made in green criteria.

According to Vicente Aznar, president of AITEX and founder of the label “the made in green label wes created in answer to the demand of the present society concerned with the health of the consumer, universal human rights and the environment. We want to know more and more whether our textile products are complying with these requirements. Products guaranteeing sustainability are a clear engagement in the future".

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