essenscia innovation award 2014

innovationaward2014_0.pngFollowing the success of the first innovation contest organized in 2012, essenscia is launching the essenscia Innovation Award 2014.
Through this initiative, the federation intends to encourage Belgian companies to innovate even more and to protect their intellectual assets. Protection of innovation is a key factor in the successful development and commercialization of the innovation project. The patent cell created in 2011 by essenscia in partnership with the Federal Public Service Economy is closely linked to the essenscia Innovation Award as it aims to boost the protection of intellectual capital.

Tesla Motors: all our patents belong to you

Electric car manufacturer Tesla opens up its patents to other manufacturers in order to boost the adoption and technological development of electric cars.

Link between football and standards

What is the link between standards and the FIFA World Cup ?

Source: NBN Newsletter

From 12 June to 13 July, the 20th FIFA World Cup takes place in Brazil. We cross our fingers that our Belgian Red Devils will put up an excellent performance and reach the latter stages of the tournament!

Centexbel in charge of ISO/TC 219 secretariat "Floorcovering"

Centexbel takes charge of the ISO/TC 219 secretariat on "Floorcovering"

In agreement with Fedustria, Centexbel will run the secretariat of the international ISO committee ISO/TC 219, the international counterpart of CEN/TC 134. Both secretariats are important for the Flemish carpet and floorcovering sector and are now directed by Centexbel. In this way the secretariats of the European and international standard committees on floorcovering are now in the same hands.

VKC en Centexbel in de Tijd

Kortrijk, epicentrum van kunststofcluster

debethune.pngDe integratie van het Vlaamse Kunststofcentrum (VKC) in Centexbel onderstreept de toonaangevende rol van de Fabriek voor de Toekomst Nieuwe Materialen in West-Vlaanderen. De Provincie West-Vlaanderen vertaalt hiermee het Nieuw lndustileel Beleid van de Vlaamse regering naar de West-Vlaamse kmo's.

Emissie van vloerbekledingen en hun lijmen

In de loop van 2014 verschijnt een nieuw Koninklijk Besluit (KB) om de uitstoot van vluchtige organische stoffen (VOS) voor een aantal productcategorieën te beperken. Dit KB zal van kracht worden vanaf januari 2015. De eerste productcategorie waarvoor dergelijke emissiegrenswaarden vastgelegd zullen worden, zijn vloerbekledingen en hun bijhorende lijmen.

Bioagrotex results in industrial success story

TEXINOV (French industrial partner in the EU project Bioagrotex, coordinated by CENTEXBEL) and its new anti-insects net FILBIO PLA have been distinguished and got a “Silver SIVAL” (category “small equipment for gardening”), an award that represents 4 years of collaboration between manufacturers and scientists from 6 European countries as part of the European collaborative research project BIOAGROTEX for the use of natural fibers in the agricultural textiles manufacture.

Nominate an inventor for 2015

The European Inventor Award 2015 is now open for entries.

Every year, EPO organises the "European Inventor Award".

You may nominate your own or someone else's invention on the EPO webpage.

In 2011 it was last time a Belgian invention won the award with Bekaert's solution to reinforce concrete with steel fibres. In the same year, the unicersity of Antwerp was awarded the prize in the category "Research" with a new neuropathological medecin.

VKC en CENTEXBEL bundelen de krachten

Kenniscentra bundelen de krachten in een cross-sectorale samenwerking met als doel een versterkte dienstverlening aan te bieden aan de bedrijven.

Commission Proposal for a Regulation on PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are unique products as far as the user buying it buys protection encountered at home, work and leisure. Yearly statistics of mortal and major work accidents do impressively explain the importance of protection and prevention: personal health and safety are fundamental rights and people expect and require a high level protection at work, home and at leisure.

Source: EC