China the biggest patent filer in the world in 2011

It was only a question of time before China filed more patents per year than the USA and Japan. After a growth of 25% in 2009, they were almost there, but with the extra growth of 33% in 2010, the number of filed patents was set at 1.63 million !

Does this mean that China is now not only an economic world power, but also a world inventor? Not necessarily: the Chinese authorities have been pushing their companies for a while to file patents, for in their view, the number of patents represents the level of innovation.

New OEKO-TEX® test criteria finally come into force

OEKO-TEX® Certification as a helpful step towards REACH compliance

After the expiry of the three-month transition period, the criteria and limit values published by the OEKO-TEX® Association in early January for tests on harmful substances for textiles according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 finally came into force on 1 April 2012 for all certification procedures.

Determination of formaldehyde

Important notice

Because of a change in the Japanese industrial standard JIS L 1041(July 2011), the Oeko-Tex® method (Oeko-Tex® standard 201 M-8 based on JIS L 1041) for the determination of the content of formaldehyde, will be modified accordingly.

Centexbel slaagt opnieuw voor audit

Begin maart 2012 slaagde Centexbel (met grote onderscheiding) voor de audit "open bedrijfsopleidingen".
De Cedeo erkenning "Opleidingsverstrekker" wordt met drie jaar verlengd tot 31/3/2015.

Deze erkenning is belangrijk omdat we u op deze manier opleidingen aanbieden die in aanmerking komen voor terugbetaling via de kmo-portefeuille, waardoor u 50 % korting heeft op de deelnameprijs van alle open opleidingen die wij organiseren.

EPO and Google remove language barriers

eop-google.jpgIn a major step to improve access to patent documents in multiple languages the EPO launched a new machine translation service, called Patent Translate, on the EPO's website on February 29th, 2012.

The service uses Google's Translate technology and enables translation from and to English for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Swedish, covering approximately 90% of all patents issued in Europe.

Construction products - brochure on new EU regulation

Since a few months, there is a new legislation on the commercialisation of construction products, including geotextiles, floor and wall coverings.

This regulation will come into force on July 1st, 2013.

The Belgian FPS Economy has published a comprehensive brochure on this subject to inform you on the new regulation.

Download the French version :
"Quoi de neuf pour la commercialisation des produits de construction"
Download the Dutch version :

Centexbel lanceert Horizonverruimingen

Centexbel start dit jaar met tweemaandelijkse Horizonverruimingen. Op deze avondlijke meetings worden tussen 18u en 20u maatschappijrelevante thema’s besproken. Voor en na de meetings krijgt u ruimschoots de tijd om uw professioneel netwerk uit te werken.

De Horizonverruimingen zijn een nieuw Centexbel ontmoetingsforum waarop u beslist niet mag ontbreken !

MBO recognition for VOC emission testing

Last week, DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) recognized Centexbel as a competent test laboratory according to Section 18 of the MBO ('Model Building Code' in Germany) for the evaluation of volatile organic compound emissions in the areas of "Floor coverings for interior use" and "Underlays for interior use".

In Germany, it is necessary to have a "national technical approval", the so-called allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung for construction products for interior use, within the scope of CE marking, for reasons of health protection.

Centexbel grows crystals on textiles

Ilja Visser (Dutch couturier), asked Centexbel to grow crystals on textiles for their fashion show at the end of January 2012 (Amsterdam Fashion Week).

Oeko-Tex: new in 2012

oeko-100_0.jpg At the start of every new year, Oeko-Tex® publishes a new version of the Oeko-Tex® standard 100. In order to do so, Oeko-Tex® continues to closely monitor market and product developments, new research and the various legislations, including REACh. As a consequence Oeko-Tex® is a label with relevant requirements, adapting to the for ever changing world and scientific knowledge. We are glad to be able to inform you about the new adaptations.