Unitary patent protection

Commission proposes unitary patent protection to boost research and innovation

Under the new proposals, the cost for a European patent with unitary effect in 25 Member States would be €680, after a transitional period during which costs would still be less than €2500.

Revision of the PPE Directive is on-line

The public consultation on the revision of the PPE Directive is now on-line and available from the following webpages:

Please note that the consultation is open for 9 weeks from: 13 April 2011 until 14 June 2011.

Integration of European and Community Patents

The draft agreement on the creation of a European and Community Patent Court is not compatible with European Union law

Modifcation of Belgian Law on Patents

The newly introduced Belgian Law on Patents aims at harmonizing the law of March 28, 1984 with two international treaties, i.e. the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) of June 1st, 2000 and the Decree on the issuing of European Patents of November 29, 2000.

The PLT harmonizes the formal aspects of the application procedure and the relationship between the applicant and the patent office.
The Decree on the issuing of European Patents aims at modernizing the Treaty reckoning with the newest technological and juridical developments.

Major changes:

Research Updates

Centexbel's new electronic newsletter >>fast forward>> research updates informs you on all upcoming collective research projects on a regional, national and European level.

Collective research projects are focused on a common theme of interest to the textile industry and are a sure and affordable way to technological innovation! Since collective projects generally include the entire textile production chain, your participation in collective research projects offers you outstandingly relevant networking possibilities!

Risks in the sleeping environment

Sleep well… and safely

Under the title "Risks in the sleeping environment" the European Commission desires to give a mandate to CEN to initiate standardisation on the safety of children’s articles. A mandate is an express mission to develop European standards in support of the legislation and that may be used by manufacturers to prove the safety of their products and their compliance with the legislation.

Law on fiscal reduction for patent revenues

Belgian companies subjected to the company tax may enjoy a fiscal reduction on patent revenues. With this fiscal measure the authorities want to support and stimulate the development, use and production on the basis of patents in and by Belgian companies.

Electronic-only RCD certificates

MATERA call for European projects

Open call for introduction of European project through MATERA

Is your company (large or SME) planning to introduce new production processes or technologies in collaboration with a foreign partner?
Would you like to receive a funding for this?
Than, the MATERA call might be your opportunity!

MANGO is “Made in Green”

mango01.jpgMANGO is the first big international clothing brand with seats in the five continents to obtain the “made in green” certificate for all its articles.