Simplified Revision and Publication of the IPC

The revision will enter into force from the 1st january 2011 onwards. The crucial points are listed below; the details are published on WIPO website

The maintenance of two separate and autonomous levels of the IPC, i.e. of the core and of the advanced levels, will be discontinued. Only one text of the Classification will be maintained and published, corresponding to the current advanced level. The terms “core level” and “advanced level” will be discontinued, since they have led to confusion. Titles, references, notes, definitions and version indicators of the current core level groups will be the same whether the full text of the Classification is displayed or a part of it (e.g. main groups only). Common rules for classification apply to all users of the IPC.
The IPC will be published once a year in electronic form only. The Committee will review, at its forty-second Session, whether the number of publications should be increased to twice yearly. The IB will in the meantime review the IT tools available to offices for the translation and preparation of national versions of the IPC, including definitions, so as to increase their effectiveness and robustness. There will no longer be a paper publication. The “PDF” version will become available, at the latest, on the day of entry in force. Only one version of the master and “PDF” files will be published corresponding to the complete IPC. A view of the main groups alone will be available, as an alternative to the full text or the hierarchical view of the Classification. However, the IB will assist Offices with limited Internet resources to provide, on demand, a version that is convenient for their environment.