Tax reduction for the registration of trade marks

The committee for tax related issues, presided by the European Commission in Brussels has approved a set of measures that will result in a reduction by 40% of the costs related to the protection of trade marks. The OHIM president, Mr. Wubbo de Boer expressed his joy that the member states have voted in favour of these measures in view of reducing the costs of the users and more in particular of SME's.

At present, the regulations are drawn up that will be presented to the Commission for approval, upon which they will be published in the Official Journal. The tax reductions will apply the day following the publication.

The entire set of measures encloses an abolishment of the registration tax whereas the deposition tax will slightly increase in compensation. The entire application procedure will be simplified by a unique tax of 1050 € for the deposition by fax or letter and of 900 € for an electronic deposition. The new tax for deposition according to the Madrid protocol is 870€.

More details on the date of application of these modifications will be provided during the approbation and publication of the definite version of the regulations. Anyhow, a transition period is foreseen with reduced rates for all those who have submitted an application in the meantime.

Many member states participating in the discussions have declared that in view of the economic recession, it is important that the users may profit as soon as possible form the financial advantages of this set of measures.

source OHIM