Term of validity of PPE CE type examinations

Until today we assumed that a CE-type examination was valid for as long as the PPE itself or the legal basis (the European Directive 89/686) remain unchanged.

Especially in view of the revision of the European standards, it has become much more complex to extend or to make additions to existing type examinations without questioning the original certificate (sometimes more than 10 years old).

This issue was under discussion in the meetings of the notified bodies for a good length of time. Now, it has been decided that a type examination certificate has to be submitted to a revision after five years. This means that the examination file has to be critically re-examined. This does not imply, however, that all elements in the old file have expired.

The “recommendation for use sheet” includes more information. This recommendation comes into effect upon its publication on the website of the European Commission and only applies to type examinations, issued after that date. Centexbel will implement this recommendation for use sheet – in conformity with the new rules for notified bodies.

Because a number of execution modalities of the decision have to be discussed during a next meeting of the notified bodies in March, we are not able at this very moment to confirm exactly when the new regulation comes into effect and which details it will include. It goes without saying that we will keep you posted.