USA: important decision concerning Bamboo fibre

Since a few years a significant number of European textile companies are incorporating viscose fibre derived from bamboo in some of their products, with labels claiming specific properties for the fact that bamboo is used as the cellulose source, instead of the wood pulp (beech, pine or eucalyptus) used in European viscose plants. Number of those fabrics are transformed and then exported as garments or home textiles in the USA.
Mid August the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC - consumer protection authorities) ruled that it is unlawful to label products and to advertise these items as made of bamboo fibre. Those products should be labelled viscose (EU) or rayon (USA). Moreover the FTC considers that “bamboo-based textiles, actually made of rayon, are not antimicrobial, made in an environmentally friendly manner, or biodegradable”.
Probably the Environmentally related issue is the most questionable point, at least for EU based viscose production based fibres, but this might be right as far as viscose fibres originating in countries like China.

Source : Euratex