Innovation Partnership 2011 in Quebec

The Specialty Vehicles and Transportation Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (AMETVS), CTT Group and Technopôle Defence and Security are proud to invite manufacturers to this unique event : Innovation Partnership 2011

Single Market Act

The Commission will soon present a European Strategy proposal on intellectual property rights. This communication on patents, marks, geographic indications and copyrights will present a global strategy explaining the way in which Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) may stimulate to a larger extent competition and economic growth based on knowledge. In the framework of this global strategy on IPR, the Commission will also propose a new custom’s regulation to reinforce the actual juridical framework of custom related actions in view of goods suspect of affecting IPR.

Bekaert Textiles wins Red Dot Award 2011

Smart Wrap / Bekaert Textiles NV, Waregem, Belgium


In-house design Koen Bodyn, Chief designer

OHIM and EPO agree closer cooperation

OHIM and the European Patent Office (EPO) have signed a comprehensive agreement to cooperate more closely on projects to increase the efficiency of the IP system within the EU and globally. OHIM President Antonio Campinos said the agreement would have a profound influence on how they worked with National Offices and projected the influence of the EU on intellectual property in the international arena. EPO President Benoît Battistelli said it was important for the offices to take a global look at the interests of all IP stakeholders.

Luxicool wins Techtextil Innovation Award

With Luxicool®, Luxilon Industries NV, a Belgium innovative company is once again one of the ten Techtextil Innovation Award Winners!
Luxicool® is a brand new cooling yarn developed and produced by Luxilon Industries NV of Belgium. The yarn is registered as a trade mark and patented.
The cooling efficiency is generated by a dual effect:

  • excellent thermal conductivity of the polymer

SmartNets: European Project is launched

With the SmartNets project, Centexbel wants to study SME networking for the development of new products.
More information on



Thermo-dryer in coating and finishing platform

The application, drying and curing of coatings under controlled conditions is of the utmost importance. The coatings are dried and cured in an oven, aka a thermo-dryer. A good oven allows controlling and modifying the temperature during the drying and curing processes. Samples are covered with a coating and then inserted into the oven.

Unitary patent protection

Commission proposes unitary patent protection to boost research and innovation

Under the new proposals, the cost for a European patent with unitary effect in 25 Member States would be €680, after a transitional period during which costs would still be less than €2500.

Revision of the PPE Directive is on-line

The public consultation on the revision of the PPE Directive is now on-line and available from the following webpages:

Please note that the consultation is open for 9 weeks from: 13 April 2011 until 14 June 2011.

Integration of European and Community Patents

The draft agreement on the creation of a European and Community Patent Court is not compatible with European Union law