Veramtex wins Oeko-Tex Sustainability Award 2013

In a ceremony on 12 June 2013, OEKO-TEX® presented the Sustainability Award in the five categories of Environmental Management, Quality Management, Social Responsibility, Safety Management, and Product Innovation.


The Award was created last year on the occasion of our 20-year anniversary to acknowledge OEKO-TEX® certified companies who have distinguished themselves by their special commitment to sustainability. All manufacturers and retailers who are certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, 1000 or 100plus were eligible to apply.

Category "Safety Management"

The Belgian company Veramtex SA specialises exclusively in the treatment of fabrics and knitwear made from natural and cellulose fibres. An innovative process especially developed for this purpose, the so-called “Beau Fixe” technology, allows cotton, linen, lyocell, hemp or ramie to be finished according to individual customer requirements. On a total production area of 3000 square metres and with 12 employees, the company treat around 10 million metres of textile fabrics each year. Veramtex consistently employ environmentally friendly and safe processes.

The jury was impressed by the efficiency of the process used, which allows the quality of all cellulose fibres to be improved with one single patented treatment step. The core of the "Beau Fixe" technology is the use of liquid ammonia. Ammonia is a chemical compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. At room temperature it is a colourless gas with a pungent smell and a latent hazard potential.

The jury believe that Veramtex SA have, in a very unique way, managed to meet their responsibility for the health of employees and residents through the in-house development of a special recovery plant. This process allows the ammonia, which is completely removed from the fabric after treatment, to be recovered, cleaned and then reused at a rate of over 99% without any air and water pollution. This innovative plant has now made the risky delivery of liquid ammonia in lorries unnecessary.

As Veramtex puts it: "This award is a splendid recognition of the efforts Veramtex has made, since its foundation. Indeed, we contribute to a sustainable development, not only through the results of the Beau-Fixe®-treatment (improved resistance and therefore prolonged life, easy ironing and hence energy savings...), but also through the production process in which we recover more than 99% of the used ammonia. In short, our eco-friendly results are realised by means of eco-friendly means."