MATERA call for European projects

Open call for introduction of European project through MATERA

Is your company (large or SME) planning to introduce new production processes or technologies in collaboration with a foreign partner?
Would you like to receive a funding for this?
Than, the MATERA call might be your opportunity!

The MATERA call, within the ERANET structure, offers the possibility to introduce R&D projects. Because the MAT in MATERA stands for "materials", the subject must be (broadly) linked with materials. More in particular, it is focuses on projects that translate fundamental research into industrial applications in one of the following domains (as phrased in the call):

  • Value-added materials (including engineering structural materials, multi-functional materials and materials with tailored properties)
  • Bio-based materials (including biomaterials for human health improvement and biodegradable materials)


  • the projects have to be sufficiently innovating and include a sufficient high degree of risk
  • at least one foreign partner is mandatory (localised in one of the participating regions). A typical consortium includes 3 to 4 partners


The programme is open to large companies and SME's.
The projects have to be introduced on February 1st, at the latest.
For more information, please contact Guy Buyle: gbu [at] centexbel [dot] be