BEL-SME interregional R&D funding programme

By enabling the set-up of funded research projects between Flemish, Walloon and/or Brussels SME’s, the BEL-SME programme fills a gap in the Belgian federal research landscape.

In the framework of a BEL-SME project, each company is funded by its own regional funding agency.

Flanders: IWT


Through the SME-programme (KMO-innovatieproject)

Wallonia: SPW-DG06


Through a specific BEL-SME programme

Brussels: Innoviris


Through the SHAPE programme


bel-sme_0.jpgBEL-SME projects should focus on a significant improvement of a product, process or service and thus have significant high risk.
All partners must have a defined role in the project resulting into a well balanced consortium with respect to tasks, risks and budget. Al least 2 SME’s from 2 different regions are required.

Research partners can participate only if an SME from the same region participates.

The duration of a BEL-SME project is between 12 and 24 months.
For Flanders and Brussels the funding is limited to a maximum of 250 k euro.

Time frame 2015:

  • submission of the proposal: 29th of May 12h at project [at] bel-sme [dot] be. On the regional level additional regional proposals might be needed:
    • IWT: a KMO-innovatieproject proposal by 29th of May
    • DG06: a specific BEL-SME proposal 5 days after the BEL-SME deadline
    • Innoviris: a SHAPE proposal by 29th of May
  • 9th of June: communication on eligibility (only IF a company is non-eligibility; eligible projects do not receive any communication)/li>
  • September 2015: joint evaluation by IWT, DG06 and Innoviris
  • October 2015: final decision is communicated to the coordinator

For more information, please consult the BEL-SME website (via Innoviris) or the respective funding agencies.
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