The objective of the FeneCom project is to develop efficient methods to cure composites made from carbon, aramid and basalt and other composites containing non UV-transparent fibres.

The research topics include:

  • HYBRID FABRICS: incorporation or UV-transparent fibres in basalt or carbon fabrics (braids and weaves) and even in recycled carbon nonwovens. These fabrics and nonwovens will then be impregnated with UV-curable resins. The UV-transparent fibres will ensure that UV-light penetrates deeper into the material resulting in a better through curing.
  • ELECTRON BEAM (EB) CURING: EB curing requires similar chemistry as UV-curing. Howver, because electron beams are more energetic, they can cure deeper. Moreover, the fibres do not have to be UV-transparent.
  • INFRARED CURING: Infrared light is a more efficient technique to heat up materials compared to convection heating and it will be investigated if this technique can be used as drying method to obtain prepregs or even for full curing.
  • DUAL CURING: dual cure resins can be cured by light or by heat. The resins that are exposed to the light will cure instantly. As a result the composite is already dry and can be easily transported. Full curing is then achieved by time or heat.
  • FIRE RETARDANCY: Fire retardancy will be achieved by adding FR additives or by using FR resins.
01 Mei 2017
30 Apr 2019