Textile odour management - TOM

The reduction of bad odours on textiles is an important means to improve the wear comfort, product quality and lifetime of textile products, which are difficult to clean on a regular basis.

By providing textiles that reduce the development of bad odours and at the same time possess an odour absorbing capability, it will be possible to develop market products that are superior to the current ones and provide an added value.

So far, biocides and cyclodextrins have been used on an industrial level for textile odour control, but both methodologies have drawbacks in terms of efficiency, prize and environmental impact. Accordingly, better alternatives are desirable. Biocides reduce the smell by killing the odour-producing bacteria on the textile, but have a negative impact on the environment and should not be used in non-medical products.

The aim of the TOM project is to implement ecofriendly and biocide-free formulations and technologies for textile odour management that comply with European legislation (e.g. REACH and Biocidal Products Regulation) and label requirements (e.g. OEKO-TEX®-100, Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS).

01 Sep 2017
31 Aug 2019