Non-wovens are "engineered" fibre mats produced in large volumes against competitive prices thanks to high speed production processes. These lightweight materials are offered in varying fibre compositions (having different physical and chemical properties) and are easy to functionalise and structure. In addition, they are easy to recycle (if not polluted or assembled).

Because of their favourable performance/price ratio, non-wovens are applied in a multitude of diverse sectors and products, including civil engineering, road construction, agri- and horticulture, carpets, bedding, sleeping bags, fuel cells, composites, filtration, electronics, wipes, medical devices, packaging, clothing, shoes, cable insulation, books, envelopes, luggage, battery separators, hygiene, automotive, furniture, PVC cushion floor, wall covering...

Centexbel supports companies producing or processing non-wovens and helps them to define and solve technological problems, to develop innovative products and applications and to optimise their product processes.