Parallel session on Wellbeing & Safety



Chair: Luc Clarysse, Weverij Jules Clarysse

How May Innovative Sports Textiles Improve the Quality of Life
for the Active Ageing?
Jane-McCann-small.jpg Jane McCann, University of Wales, UK
Smart garment design is becoming increasingly sophisticated in the areas of performance sport and corporate wear but has not been adapted and designed in an appropriate format, and in terms of sizing and shape, for the benefit of enhancing the everyday life-style of older users. What is lacking is comfortable clothing that addresses technical and style requirements for engagement in healthy exercise, in a range of conditions and environments, by active members of older age groups who do not suffer from restrictive medical conditions.
Electrostimulation Using Textile Structures
Lieva-Van-Langenhove-small.jpg Lieva Van Langenhove, University of Ghent, BE
Three applications of smart textiles are very relevant for sports: heart monitoring, analysis of sweat and electro-stimulation. For each of them products are under development. Their principles will be shown as well as the actual textile products. Heart monitoring and electro stimulation are based on similar principles. The presentation will explain the challenges and the methods used to find proper solutions. Models have been built to understand the role of parameters like contact with the skin, conductivity of the material, stresses and pressure etc. These models are then used to design samples with optimal configuration. For electrostimulation current distribution is of major importance, as current concentration leads to pain and local heating, possibly resulting in burning injuries. Thermography is used to visualise local heating. Optimal designs will be presented.
Smart textiles have a huge potential, also for sports applications. Apart from technical challenges, a dialogue between end users and developers have to stimulate identification of needs and potential applications.
Comfort and Protection: New Impact Protection Textiles
for High Performance Sport Apparel and Equipment
Bertrand-Lenoble-small.jpg Bertrand Lenoble, Dow Corning, BE
Traditional hard body armor is very uncomfortable. Dow Corning has innovated with certain silicone polymeric systems to create two new impact protection textile technologies which provide Comfortable Impact Protection. Products offer high levels of impact protection, are soft and flexible, thin and light, breathable and washable. The softness and flexibility allow good fit and good freedom of movement. The breathability enhances thermal management. The washability means that protection can be fully integrated into garments and does not have to be removed before washing.
RecupTex: the Textile to Help your Body Recuperate Quicker and to Delay Muscle Soreness
Chris-Schoonjans-small.jpg Chris Schoonjans, Concordia Textiles, BE
Developed with Bekaert Bekinox, Concordia has unique “double face” fabric (patent BE 2009/0061) that blocks 99,99 % of EMI radiation.
Due to the inox, this product is perfectly washable and will not oxidize, like Silver.
Garments made out of this recupTEX fabric act as a cage of Faraday ensuring quicker body recuperation and delaying musle soreness
For applications where also weather protection is needed we offer a laminated version, that complies with EN343 class 3/3.
Reskin - the Smart Patch for Sportsmen
Peter-Croonen-small.jpg Peter Croonen - Bioracer, BE
Bio-Racer is a leading designer and manufacturer of superior cycling wear. The founder Raymond Vanstraelen is passionate about bio-mechanics in sports, and always looking for innovation to improve performance. Saddle pain is a serious problem for many cyclists, especially women. The search for the ultimate cycling pad resulted after 6 long years with significant IWT support in a patented revolutionary wound dressing. Next to the bike patch, we developed several sports oriented shapes and applications: nipple patch, heel patch, ... We received several impressive testimonials from sportsmen in different sport disciplines. It soon became obvious that this was more than a patch; ReSkin is a very effective wound dressing with specific friction prevention benefits. We are now in the process of positioning ReSkin in the medical market, with a specific focus on skin tears and skin at risk applications. Together with the University of Ghent, Bio-Racer will create a spin-off “ReSkin Medical” to fully exploit the market potential of this new wound care product, targeting the professional wound care market, the self-medication market and the sports market.