Plasma treatment

Principle of Plasma treatment

Plasma treatment is a surface treatment that modifies the textile surface without altering the bulk properties (tear resistance, flexibility, density...) of the textile material.

The use of atmospheric plasma is a both economically as ecologically interesting textile treatment. It is therefore no coincidence that the textile industry is becoming increasingly interested in plasma-based techniques.

The drawing below illustrates the working principle: by means of a plasma source, a plasma zone is generated with energetic and active particles (photons, electrons, ions). The textile material is guided through this zone and treated accordingly.


By varying the type of gas and - possibly - precursor, we may alter the surface properties in order to:

  • increase the affinity to dyeing and printing
  • improve adhesion
  • apply antibacterial products
  • influence the electrical conductivity
  • sterilise
  • apply a fire retardant finish
  • confer anti-crimp properties to wool
  • desize cotton...