By developing plasma deposited coatings on textile and polymer materials, with a controllable release of the antibacterial agents, Plasmatex will answer to the need of the medical and health sector for effective antibacterial wound dressings.

  • The project is focusing on the development of a new technology for antibacterial coating deposition on textiles and polymers for medical applications
  • The method includes plasma deposition of
  • a first layer of antibacterial coating containing Ag nano-particles
  • a second “barrier” layer of 5-50 nm on top.
  • The second layer deposition provides a precise way to control the antibacterial effect associated with presence of Ag in the coatings.

The formation of biofilms on material surface is a main reason of infection and transfer of nosocomial diseases.



Target group:

  • companies developing plasma technology
  • textile companies
  • plastics companies
  • others


Research Unit Plasma Technology, Department of Applied Physics Ghent University, Belgium in cooperation with Centexbel, Research Unit Textile Functionalisation & Surface Modification

Contact people: 
Start date: 
01 May 2015
End date: 
30 Apr 2018