Research & Development

Centexbel's research activities are primarily focused on a "sustainable" textile industry. In this context, Centexbel examines and evaluates the applicability and added value of the results of fundamental research, of new materials, additives and technologies (some of which are already applied in other industrial sectors).

In order to guarantee total impartiality and to avoid any conflict of interest, we explicitly exclude all product development in those areas covered by the CE certification scope for which we are accredited.

Multi-client research projects

As the collective centre of the textile industry we introduce "multi-client" of collective research projects to the regional, federal and European authorities for financing by which we endeavour to engage as many companies as possible.

According to the participating companies, the advantages of multi-client research projects are:

  • low costs
  • possibility to networking with colleague companies, suppliers and end-users

Learn all about the current multi-client research projects of Centexbel

Contract research

Private or contract research is a swifter and more goal-oriented kind of research for which Centexbel concludes a collaboration agreement with a company and drafts a R&D project plan defining and determining the different research tasks, partners and related budgets.

All private research projects are treated strictly confidentially and nothing will be made public unless the company involved decides otherwise.

The Centexbel staff is at your entire disposition to start company specific research projects and will assist you in your search of possible governmental subsidies. To obtain subsidies, the quality of the research (work programme, participating partners...), the innovative nature and the application possibilities of the results in the region of the subsidising authority are of course essential criteria.

Centexbel : partner and/or project coordinator in several European research projets

The future of the European textile and clothing industry in 2020 is being made today. Also the so-called traditional sectors will evolve into knowledge-based industries. The basic idea is that this relentless innovation will be sustained by the European research capacity.
Next to an evolution towards specialised products and the use of textiles in technical applications, there is a tendency away from mass-production towards personalised production processes.

Today, the majority of clothing and other textiles are being produced without any knowledge of real customer's desires, or even marketing data. Yet, these textile products are playing an important role in the way someone wants to manifest him/herself within his/her social world. That is why the economic strength of the entire production chain may significantly increase only by selling the right product on the right place to the right person at the right time. The European Commission is supporting this initiative of the European textile and clothing industry because employment and job creation are depending on it.

It goes without saying that CENTEXBEL is taking part in this European platform and will participate in several expert groups to realise its objectives.