Safety Gloves

Report on the meeting of CEN/TC 162 WG 8
Kettering – 9 & 10 June 2009: Specification standards, remarks and actions to be taken


President of the plenary meeting: Jean-Claude Cannot
EN 511: Protective gloves against cold. Should the standard be extended by the category for "Gloves for use in extreme cold" or should a new standard be drafted (proposal of cryogen gloves). A revision of EN 511 needs the cooperation of at least 5 countries. EN 511 also lacks a practically orienting test: at present the different performance levels give an idea of the isolating properties, but not on the temperatures by which the gloves can be used.

Electrostatic properties of protective gloves

President PG 1: Marianne Rodot
EN 1149-5: The meeting has discussed on the question whether it is necessary to design a new standard for these gloves or whether it suffices to add an addendum to the existing one.

Protective gloves against mechanical risks

President PG2: Guido Van Duren
EN 388: revision has started in 2008
Round robin test results

  • Abrasion: laboratories with strongly deviating results will perform the test again under the same conditions as the other ones
  • Resistance to cutting: discussion of a new round robin test where all labs will carry out tests on the same cotton