Standards Cell Nonwoven articles

Nonwoven and textile products for hygienic and cosmetic applications

The standards cell NON-WOVEN AND TEXTILE PRODUCTS FOR HYGIENIC AND COSMETIC APPLICATIONS has been created to assist the manufacturers of these products. Woven and non-woven textile products for hygienic and cosmetic (cosmetotextiles) applications are a rapidly growing sub-sector, in which functionalisation (antibacterial, anti-odour, hydrating, stimulating, slimming effects) is an important added value. Whereas products for body and skin care are mainly disposable articles, cosmetic products are more durable. The latter are mainly produced in the knitting sector. The reorientation of these mostly small enterprises towards more profitable markets is impossible without a thorough knowledge of the requirements in the field of standards related to hygienic and cosmetic properties.

  • Project coordinator: Mark Croes