Standards Cell "Recycling"

Use of recycled plastics and textiles as raw material

The standards cell "Use of recycled plastics and textiles as raw material" is at the service of all companies having a direct interest in developments in the field of recycled polymers, including a broad spectrum of companies, such as:

Plastic converting companies

  • producers of plastic articles: melt processing of polymers (extrusion, injection moulding, compression moulding...)
  • producers of compounds

textile companies

  • production of masterbatches
  • fibre and yarn extrusion
  • coating

producers of composites

  • processing of reinforcing fibres with resins of thermoplastic polymers

recycling companies

  • collection of (separate) wastes
  • separation, purification
  • shredding, grounding, compounding
  • incineration

chemical companies

  • producers of polymers and additives for compounding and polymer processing, glueing, coating

technology companies for machinery (re-)engineering

  • polymer processing (extrusion machines, presses…)
  • mould construction, tooling (filtres, …)
  • waste seperation technology

designers and engineering offices

  • product design optimisation in view of their dismantling and/or recycling

users of polymer-based products

  • automotive, civil engineering, road construction, agriculture, food, non-food, medical sector, manufacturing sector...