Sustainable entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship with 3 P's

Sustainable or socially responsible entrepreneurship is not yet another hype but a necessary condition to secure our planet for future generations and to reflect (again) on the balance between financial and economic results, social concerns, and our environment, the so-called 3 P's: PROFIT, PEOPLE, PLANET.

sustainabilitySustainable or socially responsible entrepreneurship is - in the framework of a global economy - a major challenge to each company. For textile companies, sustainable development means the integration of economic, ecological and social aspects in the entire textile production chain and in all production steps (development, production and marketing of (new) textile products and during the post-production steps, such as maintenance and recycling).

Sustainable or socially responsible entrepreneurship will result in a redefinition of the company's vision and objectives, in the incorporation of sustainability criteria for product development, in the possible subcontracting of processes, the purchase of goods and services, marketing. Moreover, companies will have to search for better techniques, materials and auxiliaries and the (commercial) importance of sustainability labels will increase enormously. Companies will re-engineer and/or optimise their processes ... and in doing so, they will look for a closer cooperation with centres of expertise, designers, consultants and professional federations.

Sustainability has many technology-related components, in which CENTEXBEL, being a technological centre of expertise, supports the industry in the best way by offering:

  • technological advice on materials, products, processes and production organisation
  • environment: advice, research, measurements, information, audits
  • product control & certification
  • quality control, monitoring and systems
  • innovation & product development
  • standard antennas, standardisation commissions
  • dissemination of information and training sessions
  • collective, pre-standard, European and contract research

Centexbel makes use of regional, national or European tools to offer this service to the industry free of costs or at moderate prices.