Technical textiles & clothing

Centexbel assists designers, producers, suppliers, consumers, manufacturers and linen rental companies of technical fibres, technical textiles and technical clothing in their search of:

  • up-to-date information about high-performance and functionalised fibres for technical applications
  • production and concrete applications of 3D-textiles (woven and knitted fabrics) and smart textiles
  • basic information about the application of nanotechnology / nano-additives in technical textiles and hygiene textiles
  • clean-room testing facilities for the evaluation of barrier properties against micro-organisms and physiological fluids and the evaluation of linting properties and antistatic behaviour of clean-room clothing and protective clothing...
  • interpretation of product specifications and standards related to technical textiles and protective clothing
  • information on application fields, hygiene, resistance to washing, maintenance and sterilisation processes, the recycling of advanced clothing
  • technological platforms for the development of technical textiles on pilot scale