Technological consultancy services

For each technological problem…

  • a certain fabric quality has a streaky aspect. You do not know what causes this problem and hence you do not know how to solve it
  • you wish to market protective clothing against the penetration of chemicals. Which are the standards to which these products have to comply?
  • you have read something about micro-encapsulation and you are now wondering whether this might be an interesting development for your company
  • according to the client specifications, your product has to comply to EN 14414. What are the procedures?
  • you wish to promote yourself as an environment-friendly company. What measures do you have to take?
  • one of your products has been tested, and now you would like to learn more about the results and the applied testing methods;
    you wish to integrate an on-line control system into your production line
  • you would like to learn how to make your product UV resistant

… Centexbel offers a solution

The technological consultants assist you on the basis of a broad spectrum of expertise and applied knowledge and help you solve your problem. Sometimes a single phone call to a Centexbel expert may suffice to get you on the right track again.

Besides punctual interventions, the various consultancy services of Centexbel are providing:

  • technological consultancy during product development and the implementation of innovating production processes and techniques
  • problem identification and solving (products and processes
  • in-depth technological advice
  • technical studies
  • literature research
  • networking
  • working groups
  • training and demonstration sessions
  • assistance in technological research (whether in the framework of the SME innovation programme of the Flemish government or not)
  • monitoring and interpretation of standards, certification, European Directives, environmental legislation...
  • assistance in the framework of European research programmes
  • assistance during the redaction of an IRC-profile...