Textile and health

To live longer, safer, and healthier in all comfort

The market of products fostering personal well-being, comfort, safety and health is a strongly growing and offers plenty opportunities to innovating and multifunctional textiles.
The consumer’s actual preoccupancy with his/her body is mainly exploited and directed by producers of cosmetics, fitness and wellness centres and food industry.
But this trend also offers many great opportunities to the textile industry, and not only for producers of medical and hygienic textiles, but also for producers of clothing and bedding textiles.
Moreover, these conscious consumers are open to novel health inducing products from the carpet industry and there certainly are innovations to be done in high-tech textile applications and smart textiles applied in construction and automotive.

Centexbel conducts several research projects in the field of comfort and wellness inducing textiles

The evaluation with the manikin of the thermophysiological comfort aspects of protective clothing provides information on the best manner to manufacture this kind of clothing. This kind of research now also includes the generation of heat and cold of materials.

Centexbel focuses on the barrier properties of textiles

  • FLEXIFUNBAR, a European research project that came to a conclusion in 2008 studied the barrier properties of medical protective devices, odour development and masking and filtration by means of nanofibres.
  • GARINSUL, a pre-standard research project evaluates the antistatic behaviour of protective clothing and more in particular of their accessories.

New developments and standardisation go hand in hand

In the field of ‘health, safety and protection’, standards are playing an important role. European and international standards not only dominate the field of protective clothing and gloves but the standardisation committees also include new themes.

Centexbel is actively involved in the newly created work group on “cosmetotexiles”. This workgroup develops standards for textile products having a positive effect on the wellbeing of the person wearing these products.

Finally, being a notified certification body, Centexbel is an expert in protective clothing and personal protection equipment and organises various seminars and international conferences on this theme.