Textile platform

Creation of high-quality technical textiles


Since several years, the textile industry has been hit by diverse crises that are undermining the world economy. In order to solve this problem, textile industrials wish to develop products that are offering an answer to the increasingly severe criteria and hence to create commercial opportunities.

In this respect, the textile producers have turned away from the two traditional sectors (being clothing and upholstery) and are focusing more to very specific products for technical applications (space travel, protection, defence, environment, agriculture, civil engineering...).

The recent purchase of industrial equipment and the active collaboration of machine manufacturers such as Comez, Harry Lucas, Orizion, Universal… are yet again another proof of CENTEXBEL's desire to support the actions of the industry by increasing research and development in the field of knitwear.

The CENTEXBEL knitting platform includes:

  • “fully fashion” electronic flat knitting machine - gauge 12
  • electronic chain knitting machine, double needle bed, equipped with 8 pattern bars.
    3 gauges are available with a width of 80 cm : 5, 15 and 20
  • a circular knitting machine small diameter - gauge 10 - 14 - 24
  • a crocheting machine with 6 pattern bars - gauge 10 - working width 1m