Textiles in the European standardisation

News items gathered in the European standardisation meeting on textiles

Brussels, November 9th, 2011

Textiles in nurseries

The European Commission wants to develop a new series of standards on the safety of children’s articles and has therefore mandated CEN (Mandate M/497 Risks in the sleeping environment). Because the subject is treated by three CEN committees (textiles, articles for children care and furniture), no less than five work groups will start working on it. These work groups are open to the experts of each of the three committees:

  • mattresses for children bedsteads
  • protection buffer for children bedsteads
  • supsendable baby cots
  • bedspreads and quilts
  • sleeping bags

If your interested in one of more groups, please contact Fred Foubert (ff [at] centexbel [dot] be)

Textile denominations and compositions

Recently, a new EU regulation on textile denominations and compositions was published (1007/11 – European Official Journal of 18.10.2011). This regulation will definitely take effect on May 8th, 2012 and will replace previous European Directives, such as Directive 2008/121.
To be continued

Hospital linen

The workgroup “hospital linen” has been reactivated after a period of non-activity of several years. The new president is prof. Pavel Malcik (CZ). The objective is to review pre-standard ENV 14237:2002 and to give it the status of a full European standard. This will probably include the revision of additional aspects, such as burning behaviour. The scope of this group concerns hospital linen which is not included in the medical devices. The latter category includes e.g. surgical gowns and drapes, that are being treated by CEN/TC 205 WG 14.

If your interested in this work group, please contact Fred Foubert (ff [at] centexbel [dot] be)