The new factory of the future

The new factory of the future is one of the four pillars of the New Industrial Policy (Nieuw industrieel beleid (NIB)) of the Agency for Entrepreneurship (Agentschap Ondernemen), and reflects an all-encompassing vision on the future of the industry in Flanders.


The objective is to "transform" the Flemish industry into a modern industry that will be greener ,more social, more creative, and more innovating.

The new industrial industry will be based on four pillars :

  1. a new factory for the future
  2. a competence and labour market policy
  3. an industrial innovation policy
  4. an infrastructure policy

In close collaboration with other sectors, such as the chemical and plastic processing industries, Centexbel will offer several trajectories to the textile industry as a co-ordinated and supple transition to more sustainability, efficiency and innovation.

You will find a detailed description of the actions taken by the Flemish government to transform the Flemish industry in the Witboek Een Nieuw Industrieel Beleid voor Vlaanderen