Training & seminars

A succesful company invests in knowledge

The knowledge, skills and perceptions, we have acquired as a child and as a young person within the family, at school, during our education at college or at the university, will not last your (professional) lifetime.
Centexbel is recognized by the Flemish authorities as a training centre and offers a wide scope of training sessions, ranging from topics of rather general interest to very specialized seminars that will keep you informed about all technological evolutions in the field of textiles and textile production.

kmo_portefeuille_New.pngCentexbel is a training centre recognized by the Flemish - kmo-portefeuille - # DV.O101549 and Walloon authorities - chèques technologiques - and organises various training sessions from rather general topics to highly specialized thematic seminars, allowing your company to

  • expand the skills of your staff
  • develop your experts' knowhow
  • to improve your staff's professionalism

Legal notice

The training sessions Centexbel organises, such as the HORIZON EXPLORATIONS and the BREAKFAST SESSIONS are subject to the kmo-portefeuille and are given with indirect state funding. We are referring to the (EC) directive 1998/2006 of the Commission of 15 December 2006. This directive states that the total amount of the de-minimis support accorded to a single company may never exceed 200000 Euro over a period of three successive fiscal years. If this limit is exceeded, the total sum of the service shall be paid, without any claim to this indirect state funding.

Seminars, work groups, information sessions...

Knowledge, creativity and innovation are key issues to Centexbel. Therefore Centexbel organises seminars, work groups, information sessions, technical committees... often in collaboration with colleague centres of expertise to disseminate the most recent information on its research and services to its industrial partners, the textile industry.
All events are announced on our agenda

In-company training

Centexbel organises in-company training on demand of the industry. By doing so, we can target the transfer of knowledge to the particular needs of your company.

VME training cycle

Professional training course for environmental coordinators, organised by Centexbel, Cobot, Febeltex, Unitex en Hogeschool Gent.

This initiative answers to the need of actual and directly useful information in the rapidly changing field of environmental legislation. This very practical cycle directly oriented to the textile industry is therefore very successful for over a decade.

The cycle is in conformity with the mandatory in-service training of environmental coordinators on the basis of 30 hours a year. The participants receive a certificate at the end of the cycle.