UV yarn coating

uv-garencoating installatie

Yarn coating adds new properties to a yarn or modifies the original ones. Therefore, Centexbel has integrated several modules to coat and cure yarns by means of an oven, an infrared module or an UV lamp. In the latter case, UV technology is used to cure the yarn.
This technology is very eco-efficient: it not only applies a coating layer on top of the yarn surface that meets the same quality requirements as a coating layer applied by conventional processes, it also offers several ecological and economic advantages:

  • The application of 100% solids or water-based formulations results in a significant decrease of solvents and emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • The curing of UV formulations is a very rapid process resulting in an increased production speed and lower production costs
  • The energy needed for UV light curing is on average only 20% of the energy needed for thermal curing in conventional systems

The yarn winder allows to adapt the yarn speed and to vary the yarn tension according to the application (yarn type, coating formulation). The coating is applied dynamically and immediately cured on one single line by means of heat or UV-light. Afterwards, the coated yarn is submitted to different chemical and physical tests.