VLARIPtextiel: a practical REACH tool

VLARIPtextiel is the Flemish project to implement the REACH regulations effectively and efficiently in the textile sector. Supported by the Flemish and European authorities, Fedustria, Centexbel and essenscia vlaanderen assist their members in the implementation of REACH.


Aim of VLARIPtextiel

The objectives of the two-year long and free project are to inform the industrial users and consumers product risks and to develop a future oriented strategy on critical chemical substances. This project is based on the general and common suprastructure of all VLARIP users, but will concretely focus on textiles.

For whom?

VLARIPtextiel is destined to decision makers, people in charge of REACH, and product safety advisors in Flemish SME's. By means of company audits and two workgroups (strategy and communication), the specific points of interest and obligations of the textile companies in the field of the REACH regulations wil be inventorised.

Communication and strategy

The "communication" workgroup addresses the communication throughout the supply chain, both upstream (suppliers) as downstream (clients and consumers). The workgroup "strategy" will examine all critical substances and reflect on the strategic REACH choices affecting the textile companies and the sector in general.

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