Yarn engineering

Every type of textile, whatever its application and functionality, is composed from fibres and/or yarns, available in all sorts of forms and types.

The main distinction is the one between natural fibres and man-made artificial and synthetic fibres.

Because fibres and yarns have a crucial role in determining the final properties of a textile material, a lot of innovation is taking place in yarn engineering resulting in the marketing of many novel fibre and yarn types each year.

By following up these new types, Centexbel keeps its database up-to-date.

Centexbel's laboratory and scientific collaborators are experts in characterising yarns and fibres by means of chemical, physical and microscopic techniques.

Centexbel also advises and guides companies in the selection of fibres and yarns to obtain the desired comfort properties, mechanical properties, chemical functionalities, burning behaviour, etc.

Each fibre has its own properties and functionalities. Selecting the right one is therefore crucial to the final product!