Unitex, the National Association of (technical) executives of the textile industry in Belgium, organizes its 11th international conference on Textile Coating and Laminating Technologies in Gent, Belgium.

In recent decades, there have been too few technological innovations resulting in little differences in the coating and laminating processes and textile chemistry. Most coating processes are often too empirical and still too heavily dominated by fundamental craftsmanship. Moreover, there is a growing demand for responsive textile products and smaller batch sizes. New emerging technologies will change and help to rethink/reinvent the production chain, to use less chemicals, to reduce the consumption of natural resources (water, energy), the introduction of smart or local deposition of new functionalities and the application of new chemistry (polymers, additives).

All this will revolutionize the coating/laminating industry resulting in tailor-made solutions for customers, end-users and in new end-uses.The conference focuses on the state-of-the-art, developments, innovations and prospects for the coating and laminating industry.

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The conference is organized by Unitex, in collaboration with Fedustria & Centexbel.